AP US History @ SIL

Local Experience, National Themes

Prompt: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving!  It’s as American as pumpkin pie! But what is the history of this day and what does it reveal about the evolution of American identity? First, listen to the Backstory podcast on Thanksgiving for an overview of the way in which the Thanksgiving holiday emerged (and changed) in America.  As you’re listening, consider the wider themes that the holiday exposes (regional differences, mass culture, religiosity, gender roles etc.)  Second, consider your own Thanksgiving meal.  How do the food choices reflect your family traditions? How are those choices reflective of wider themes in American history, such as immigration patterns, agricultural development, cultural identity? After you have grappled with these questions, post your response to the website.

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This entry was posted on November 7, 2012 by in American Diversity, American Identity, Culture, Globalization.

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